26: Amy Yellowfeather

My art is rooted in the tradition of expressionism and I often use techniques such as bold brushstrokes, vivid colors and emotive imagery to convey my message.

I am particularly interested in exploring the relationship between my cultural heritage as an American Indigenous artist and my connection to the natural world. My art often reflects my connection to the land and its history, and the ways it has been shaped by First Nations cultures and traditions. I use natural motifs and elements such as landscapes, animals, plants, and patterns to tell stories and convey emotions.

In my practice, I often use a combination of traditional art techniques, such as painting, drawing and printmaking, and new media techniques such as digi- tal imaging, programming, and generative algorithms. I also incorporate traditional materials such as natural pigments, beads, and fibers into my work as a way to connect my art with my cultural heritage and the land.