32: Tappan Velenius

by the use of algorithmic techniques and the legacy of artists such as Steina and Woody Vasulka. I use a range of techniques, such as programming, generative algorithms, and machine learning to create pieces that are both visually striking and conceptually engaging.

I am particularly interested in exploring the relationship between technology and the human experience, and I often use my art to comment on the ways in which the digital and physical worlds intersect. My work is also inspired by the use of advanced technology in the exploration of the moving image, and the idea of creating immersive experiences.

In my practice, I often use a combination of traditional video techniques, such as filming and editing, and new media techniques, such as digital imaging, programming, and generative algorithms. I also explore the use of real-time video processing, generative systems and interactive installations to create a new type of relationship between the audience and the artwork.