47: Azimbek Pirov

As a post-Soviet artist, my work is deeply influenced by my experiences growing up in a country with a long history of military presence and using military equipment. I use surplus military equipment as a medium to create electronic art that speaks to the complexities of my cultural heritage and the ongoing legacy of the Cold War.

In my work, I use surplus military equipment, such as radios, detectors, and other electronic devices, to create visually striking pieces and conceptually engaging. I am particularly interested in exploring the relationship between technology and power, and I often use my art to comment on how military technology is used to exert control and influence over individuals and societies.

My work is also inspired by the idea of repurposing and re-contextualizing technology and artifacts that are often discarded after their “official” use is over. This way I want to bring attention to the historical, social and environmental implications of technology and its production.