8: Paul Herbig

As an artist who draws and makes art with antique computers, I am drawn to the beauty and nostalgia of vintage technology. These machines may be out- dated by modern standards, but to me they represent a time when computers were seen as futuristic and innovative, and their designs reflected a sense of wonder and possibility.

In my work, I explore the aesthetic and cultural significance of antique com- puters through drawing and digital art. I use the limitations and quirks of these machines as a source of inspiration and challenge, creating pieces that celebrate their unique character and history.

I want to pay tribute to the pioneers of computer technology and to explore the ways in which these machines have shaped our world. I hope to inspire a sense of curiosity and appreciation for the past, as well as a reflection on the rapid pace of technological change.

My goal is to create a body of work that captures the beauty, nostalgia, and cultural significance of antique computers and to share my passion for these machines with others through my art.