51: David Quiles Guillo

“At the heart of my work with the Wrong Biennial is a fervent belief in the transformative power of digital art. My vision is to create a platform that is not just a showcase but a thriving ecosystem for digital creativity, where boundaries are continuously pushed, and traditional norms challenged.

In curating and directing the Wrong Biennial, I strive to blur the lines between the virtual and the real, between emerging and established artists, and between diverse artistic practices. This biennial is not merely an event; it is a movement, a statement in itself about the fluidity and ever-evolving nature of digital art.

My approach is grounded in inclusivity and accessibility. The digital realm, in its vastness and ubiquity, offers an unparalleled opportunity to democratize art. Through the Wrong Biennial, I aim to harness this potential, making cutting-edge digital art accessible to all, irrespective of geographical, social, or economic barriers.

Each edition of the biennial is a journey—a journey into the unknown, the unexpected, and the unexplored. It’s about embracing the new while respecting the past. It’s about creating a dialogue, a conversation between artists, audiences, and the art itself.

I am continually inspired by the artists’ ingenuity and creativity. Their works are not just exhibits but conversations in pixels and code, each telling a unique story, each challenging our perceptions. My role is to facilitate these conversations, to build a bridge between the art and its audience.

In conclusion, the Wrong Biennial is a celebration of digital art in its most unadulterated form. It’s a tribute to the artists who dare to dream in digital and an invitation to the world to experience this dream.”