It is November 2023, and this is the launch of the studio visits website. It has content exclusive to it as does the Instagram feed, the installation, and the catalog.

Initially, the project emerged in late 2022, as part of a series of experiments in emptiness in artificial intelligence image generation in midjourneyAI, and mock studio photography in same. After experimenting with some interesting concepts, like a Tesseract, what began to emerge were these completely feasible, but empty studios, which basically made one wonder, “whose studio is this?” After about 75 of these, I gathered the 50 best, and put together the catalog. As of now, the print version is slated to be produced in early 2024.

This fact is important in that the catalog was originally the only artifact, and its PDF, was supposed to exist. Studio Visits was to be a curatorial experiment much in the vein of Marcel Duchamp, Robert Fiilou, and Hans Ulrich Obrist. It was originally created as a print-on-demand volume, and one signed edition is in the possession of Laura Lee Coles of Vancouver, British Columbia.

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